Please find below the letter issued to all States/UTs Principal Secretaries/ Secretaries, Rural Development Department from Ministry of Rural Development regarding public access of SAGY VDP and PD information

M-12013/06/2016-SAGY II

Dated: 13th May, 2016


Principal Secretaries/ Secretaries (All States/UTs)


The Ministry has developed online platform to upload the Village Development Plan and update its Progress. As of now 615 number of Village Development Plans have been uploaded in the website and the Progress update of 243 VDPs have been uploaded.

The Ministry has also designed 35 point impact indicators as part of 'Panchayat Darpan' to measure the impact of SAGY in the Gram Panchayats. Baseline information and Quarterly report are to be updated in the Panchayat Darpan on regular basis.

Several references have been received in the Ministry seeking information on the Projects planned in the SAGY GPs, the progress of such projects and the impact thereof. Moreover, as per Clause 17 of the Guidelines of SAGY, the progress of activities in the Gram Panchayat are required to be made available in public domain. The Ministry has, therefore, decided to make the available information in the Public domain from 1st June, 2016 for all the stakeholders including Members of Parliament.

You are therefore requested to ensure following by 31st May, 2016,

(i)    All projects taken up in the VDP should be available in the website.

(ii)   Progress of all projects should be updated.

(iii)  Authentic baseline information and progress up to May 2016 should be updated in the Panchayat Darpan.

Yours faithfully,


Joint Secretary (SAGY)