All Regional Centres of Organic Farming.

Enclosed herewith is the list of targets for Farmers Training and Field Demonstration for the year 2016-17 fixed for Regional Centres under SAGY for necessary execution and achievements of targets (Annexure I).

List of selected villages under different RCOFs is enclosed as Annexure II.

The targets fixed have to be conveniently distributed among the officers of RCOFs by the respective head of the RCOFs. While distribution it has to be ensured that at least 20% of the targets of RCOFs involve active participation of the head of the RCOFs. The calendar of the programmes indicating the name, designation and mobile number of the officers who have been allotted the programmes has to be forwrded to this office and concerned State Nodal Officer of SAGY for necessary coordination. The concerned Hon'ble MP has to be communicated suitably well before the programme.

It has also to be ensured that 80% of the targets are achieved by September, 2016 and 100% by December, 2016.

While drawing the advance for these programmes, the relevant rules have to be followed strictly and the adjustment along with necessary voucher against the advance drawn is settled within the stipulated time. Subsequently the Accountant of the respective centre has to submit adjustment bills to PAO within the stipulated time.

Declaration of the duties and instructions laid down shall attract the penalty and appropriate action against the defaulter as per rules.

(Dr. Krishan Chandra)