Please find below the D.O. letter written by National Literacy Mission Literacy, Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Human Resource Development to Ministry of Rural Development on implementation of the Saakshar Bharat Programme in SAGY Gram Panchayats.

D.O. F.9/9/2014-NLM I

Dated 8th March, 2016

          As you are aware that National Literacy Mission Authority (NLMA) had decided that special interventions be made for promotion of Adult Literacy in Saansad Adarsh Grams through alignment of SAGY with NLMA’s ongoing Saakshar Bharat Programme for promotion of Adult Literacy.

2.       As part of these intervention, it was decided by the Ministry to make all out efforts to achieve 100% literacy in 406 Saansad Adarsh Grams located in districts covered under the Saakshar Bharat Programme. As follow up to this decision, NLMA, State Literacy Mission Authorities and NLMA funded agencies have been actively engaged for building conducive environment for literacy and undertaking of literacy activities in the concerned Saansad Adarsh Grams.

3.        Based on feedback received from concerned field agencies, an attempt has been made to compile a ‘Booklet’ titled ‘Saansad Adarsh Grams – Interventions to achieve 100% Literacy. A copy of this Booklet is enclosed for your perusal.

Your sincerely


(Y S K Seshu Kumar)