As per Para 14 of Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana Guidelines, each Gram Panchayat should proactively tap the resources and the strengths of the private, voluntary and cooperative sectors (PVC Sector) which could help in making available relevant technologies for local adoptions and making investments / providing services for local economic development, either independently or to supplement Government efforts.

2. Ministry of Rural Development is planning to shortly conduct CSR Conclave for ensuring successful involvement of PVC Sector in SAGY Projects. This is possible only if each Village Development plan is prepared with complete details including availability / unavailability of budget and technology and District Nodal Officers clearly bring out the projects which require intervention outside Government.

3. Therefore, it is requested that each District Nodal Officer of SAGY should be directed to submit presentation on projects requiring technical and / or financial assistance from PVC sector, so that it can be brought before various interested parties of rural development sector.

4.  Each of such projects requiring intervention from PVC sectors should strictly be in ‘Powerpoint Presentation’ format and reach us on or before 8th January 2016 only via email at with the approval of the District Nodal Officer, SAGY. (The size of each each power point should not be more than 15 MB and should strictly be as per the attached guidelines)

Yours faithfully,

(Dr. Kushal Pathak)

Director (SAGY)

Copy to:

1. All State Nodal Officers (SAGY)
2. All SAGY District Nodal Officers (District Collectors/ DM)