Please find below the D.O. letter written by National Literacy Mission Literacy, Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Human Resource Development to Ministry of Rural Development on implementation of the Saakshar Bharat Programme in SAGY Gram Panchayats.


D.O. F.9/9/2014-NLM I (Part)
Dated 7th Dec, 2015


       Please refer to your D.O. No. K-11033/27/2015-SAGY dated. 13.11.15 addressed to Shri J Alam, Joint Secretary, MHRD, enclosing a list of 630 projects of Gram Panchayats, identified under SAGY, which are pending in various States.

2.     Out of 630 projects, 20 relate to adult literacy programme in various States (including one in Punjab). It may be stated that a Saakshar Bharat programme is already being implemented in 26 States and 1 UT of the country for promotion of adult literacy. Out of 410 eligible low female literacy /LWA districts in these States/UT, Saakshar Bharat programme is already operational in 397 districts. Incidentally, Punjab has not taken up implementation of this programme. Under this programme around 1.5 lakh AECs,hae since been setup in equal number of Gram Panchayats for implementation of this programme which is being jointly funded by the Center/State Govts. The programme is being implemented by State Literacy Mission Authorities with District/Block/GP level management committees at each level.

3.      After launch of SAGY, it has already been decided that on going adult education activities in Adarsh Grams located in Saakshar Bharat Districts be accelerated to achieve 100% literacy in these Grams by 31st March 2016. Hon'ble HRM had addressed letters to Chief Ministers of all Saakshar Bharat States to extend cooperation in this regard.. Further, the State Govts. and SLMAs have already been advised to undertake a focused strategy for Adarsh Grams in Saakshar Bharat districts of their States. The matter is being periodically discussed/reviewed with the States Besides, the agencies like State Resource Centers and Jan Shikshan Santhans, which are funded by NLMA for promotion of adult education/vocational activities, are also taking active part of supplement the efforts of SLMAs in these Adarsh Grams.

4.      As all the above State/NLMA agencies are already engaged in the process of accelerating adult education activities in Adarsh Grams and they have been funded for these activities, I would suggest that you may kindly advise the SAGY GPs of Saakshar Bharat States to coordinate with concerned field agencies of their SLMAs for their requirements pertaining to adult literacy programme.

Your sincerely


(Y S K Seshu Kumar)