The Ministry of Rural Development has launched ‘Panchayat Darpan’ with 35 point indicators for the Gram Panchayats identified under the Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana. As the name suggests, it is a mirror of the Panchayat, showcasing all the development activities in the selected Gram Panchayats under the leadership of Members of Parliament. Progress tracking through 35 indicators broadly covers 10 different sectors viz. Basic amenities, education, health, e-governance,, women empowerment, livelihoods, social security & financial inclusion etc.

The Panchayat Darpan is a quarterly reporting format that will be circulated among all the Members of Parliament who have adopted the Gram Panchayat under SAGY on completion of previous quarter.

The data is to be filled by Charge Officers of SAGY after obtaining approval of concerned District Nodal Officer (District Collector) by logging in to with their login details immediately. The procedure to full up the Panchayat Darpan indicators is enclosed in attachment. A format of the ‘Panchayat Darpan’ report is enclosed in attachment.

You are requested to kindly instruct the District Nodal Officers & Charge Officers to ensure that the details in the Panchayat Darpan portal are filled in latest by 30th September, 2015.