1. The SAGY Success stories/ Achievements/ Work done should be documented and uploaded at the website http://support.saanjhi.in and / or copy should be marked to support@saanjhi.in on or before 23rd July 2015. These stories should then be vetted by 24th July 2015 by respective State Nodal Officers of SAGY.
  2. Similarly, Mapping of Schemes document should be finalised and sent by each PMRDF by 23rd July 2015.These mapping should then be vetted by 24th July by respective State Nodal Officers of SAGY.
  3. If no reply on above two important documents is received from SNO by 27th July 2015, it shall be deemed to be validated and accepted by the respective States Government.
  4. As both Success Stories / Achievements / Work Done & Mapping Document is to be documented and released in the month of August, it is requested that the above timelines should be strictly followed.
  5. The SAGY division will follow up with 9 state Governments (Arunanchal Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Kerala, Manipur) for providing information pertaining to state specific schemes to respective PMRDFs assigned for mapping of schemes.
  6. As part of the above activity, monitoring indicators with respect to each scheme is to be prepared. It was decided that PMRDF so designated to do the SAGY work will complete the activity by 7th August 2015. Details of the working group as discussed during the meeting is indicated in the attachment.