Ministry of Rural Development has brought out various documents, literature which can be used as a supplement during the training at the local level. 

First and foremost is the SAGY Guidelines, which you can download from here (In 13 Different Languages)

Secondly, MoRD has also brought out Frequently Asked Question and Ready Reckoner which should be used to understand various concept of SAGY Guidelines. The Ready Reckoner & Frequently Asked Questions document can be downloaded from here

Once basic concepts and fundamental of SAGY is understood, following documents should used to supplement training & Capacity building

  1. Training Manual
  2. Village Development Plan Framework
  3. Baseline Survey Templates
  4. Village Development Plan Tracking Template (Most Important)

While preparing the Village Development Plan, VDP Tracking Template should be kept as a key document and each activity should flow from Area of Work identified under SAGY.