At the national level, a separate, real time web based monitoring system will be put in place for the scheme covering all aspects and components. The system would have the interface enabling the MP and other key stakeholders to log-in and give suggestions/comments, and even raise queries or complaints, which should be promptly responded to by the implementing authorities. 

Every process taken under this programme, will be photographed and geo-tagged and made available in public domain. Similarly, photographs of all assets at different stages would be uploaded. 

 The outputs under each activity would be measured every quarter vis-à-vis the physical and financial targets set out in the Village Development Plan. Further, the core monitorable indicators of the 12th Five Year Plan would be utilised as appropriate. 

The outcomes will also be tracked from time to time to the extent possible.


A mid-term evaluation of performance would be conducted through a competent independent agency. Also a post-project assessment of performance and outcomes would be similarly undertaken.


Awards are proposed to be given in the following categories: 

i. Best practices

ii. Best Charge Officers

iii. Best District Collectors

iv. Best Adarsh Grams