Implementation of this programme requires highly motivated and knowledgeable personnel. Also the Gram Panchayats concerned have to be suitably capacitated. The Ministry of Rural Development would put in place a specially designed capacity building programme to be operationalised by the National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj  

(NIRD & PR), Hyderabad through the SIRDs at the State level.

Further, the Ministry of Rural Development would:

i. Prepare detailed handbooks for operationalising the different components for the stakeholders.

ii. Document and disseminate best practices related to innovative village development.

iii. Set up a help-desk in the NIRD & PR to serve as a single point for clarification of doubts and for giving advice where necessary. 

iv. Identify the best performing Gram Panchayats for peer-group learning through twinning arrangements.