Some Gram Panchayats have shown exceptional achievement in integrated local development, mainly due to inspiring leadership and collective action. While learning from such best practices, it has also to be kept in mind that there are several challenges as revealed by past experiences related to local level development. The difficulties commonly faced are: 

i.Inability to develop a shared vision of development over a longer period

ii.Disconnect between development inputs delivered and the genuine needs of the community

iii.Lack of participation of all sections of society, especially the marginalized and the aged

iv.Focus on infrastructure and expenditure ignoring the social aspects and sustainable outcomes

v.Reliance primarily on government grants and not emphasising community contributions and self help

vi.Absence of organic convergence of different schemes

vii.Unfair decisions regarding allocation of benefits to locations and households leading to alienation

viii.Political partisanship – perceived and real

ix.Disregard of socio-cultural values of different sections of the community

x.Existence of multiple power structures and absence of a reconciling mechanism

xi.Ignoring environmental concerns for immediate gains

xii. Prevalence of social evils like drinking, dowry, casteism, communalism and discrimination against women