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Kisan Vigyan Doot Seva - an innovative project in Pune by Postal Department

An innovative project of Soil Testing Services for farmers through Department of Posts under Kisan Vigyan Doot Seva was launched on Pilot basis on 16th September, 2016 at Murti Village, which is a village under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana adopted by Hon’ble MP Shri DP Tripathi.

For the Dept. of Posts, Pune Region is spread over 4 Districts i.e. Pune, Satara, Solapur and Ahmednagar consisting of 2161 BOs.  The BOs are functioning in rural areas where major customers are farmers.  Provision of Soil testing and advisory facilities to farmers are one of the important aspects of Government’s initiative to sensitize and educate farmers for maintaining fertility of their farms. At present, these services are scattered and are beyond reach of farmers.  Many farmers are not aware about the benefits of Soil Testing, which leads to taking wrong crops and further financial loss to farmers.

With a purpose to fill the gap between Soil Testing agencies and farmers, it is proposed to provide a concrete package of suitable India Post services to farmers and Soil Testing agencies under the Kisan Vigyan Doot Seva. To check the feasibility of proposal, the following Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs) functioning in Pune Region have been contacted and above aspect is discussed in detail with them -


  • Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Baramati
  • Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Satara
  • Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Rahata
  • Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Narayangaon

Positive response has been received from these KVKs for the proposal and shown willingness for soil testing through rural Branch/Post Offices. The Soil Testing scheme under Kisan Vigyan Doot Seva will be available on Pilot basis in following Divisions of Pune Region ---

Name of Division

No. of BOs identified for  Kisan Vigyan Doot

No. of villages covered under BO

Date of


Pune MFL















Yet to be launched








Following activity of training is performed under this proposal  ---

 Training to BPM :  During the discussion with KVKs (Krishi Vigyan Kendra), they agreed to impart basic training of Kisan Vigyan Doot Seva - Soil Testing to our BPMs. Since we are identifying BPMs with farmer background, it will be easy to BPMs to understand the concepts of Soil Testing.  KVKs have trained 70 identified BPMs at Divisional level.  Publicity Material, such as, pamphlets/sticker etc. have been provided by KVKs and displayed at BO premises for publicizing the scheme among farmers.

Material ---

Identified BPM are making adequate publicity regarding availability of Kisan Vigyan Doot Seva - Soil Testing facilities at BOs.  The BPM is collecting a sample of soil from the farmer, who approached at post office.  A plastic container (box) is kept at BO level to send sample soil to identified KVKs under pilot Divisions.  The plastic boxes have been purchased locally for pilot BOs and are being reused. The BPM is sending sample soil to KVKs in plastic box, which is transmitted through regular delivery channel.  The KVKs are returning empty boxes to the delivery post office after receiving soil sample.  These delivery post offices are returning these boxes to the booking office and again supplied to identified BOs for reuse.  The cost of purchasing of boxes is one time investment only. This will reduce cost on the part of farmers also. Methods for packing have been discussed in training sessions with BPMs and KVKs. One video of packing of soil sample has been prepared and shared with all pilot BPMs.

Booking of parcel and payment to Krishi Vigyan Kendra ---

As explained above, soil sample for Kisan Vigyan Doot Seva - Soil Test is packed and booked in the name of concerned KVK. The BPM is collecting following charges from farmer  ---

  • Postage for sending collected soil to KVK.
  • Charges of soil testing to be paid to KVK (including cost of SPA booked by KVKs for sending Soil Report to farmer) - Initially, 4 KVKs have been identified i.e. Baramati, Satara, Shrirampur and Narayangaon.  Rate chart for the various types of tests are different.  The same has been collected from each KVK and kept at identified BOs.  This is facilitating choice to the farmers to opt for reasonable tests, e.g. KVK Borgaon, Satara is having lower rates as compared to other KVKs as it is attached to Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers (RCF). Small farmers can opt for the test as per their financial position.

The BPM is booking parcel containing soil sample to KVK through sample packet.Postage for the same is as below ---


For first 50 grams or fraction thereof

Rs. 4/-


For every additional 50 grams or fraction thereof in excess of 50 grams.

Rs. 3/-

e.g. The postage charges for 250 grams sample packet will be around Rs.33/-. The fee of Soil Testing for each KVK will be different.  Soil Testing charges collected from the customer will be booked in e.Payment under the concerned biller created in the system.  The same will be paid to the KVK along with sample packets containing soil.  The KVK will book Speed Post article containing Soil Testing Report along with advice to the farmer.

India Post is acting as bridge between farmers and Krishi Vigyan Kendra and offers perfect blend of its available services. The benefits of the Kisan Vigyan Doot Seva – Soil Testing are as under ---

  • BPMs will get huge rural potential for marketing. Each BO is having 3-4 villages under account jurisdiction. Atleast 500-600 farmers are available under each BO. This is a huge potential for BPM. 
  • BPMs are having farmer background. This will be their choice business and Department can earn substantial revenue from rural BOs.  
  • BPM will regain his respectable position by performing soil test services.  
  • No extra cost is involved. Hence, at pilot level, there is no need for separate accounting procedure. All the codal formalities are within the purview of Departmental rules. No separate account head is required.   
  • It will increase reach-out of Department upto rural farmers. In future, more e.Commerce companies in agriculture sector can prefer Departmental services after successful implementation of pilot phase.

For successful implementation of Kisan Vigyan Doot Seva – Soil Testing, we need to motivate BPMs correctly because, this is purely a new concept for them, which is having huge potential.

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