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Village Aali has been adopted by Sh. Parvez Hashmi, Hon’ble Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) under

Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY) falling under the jurisdiction of South East District, Delhi.

The village was adopted under the Yojana very late as Hon’ble Member of Parliament had earlier adopted

village Garhi under SAGY which did not meet the criteria for adoption of a village under Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana. To appreciate the spirit of the Yojana, all the Departments were requested to conduct necessary surveys and converge their schemes. The first coordination meeting could be convened only on 29/09/2015 in which Hon’ble MP was also present. Sh. Joginder Singh Sehrawat, SDM (Sarita Vihar) was appointed as charge officer. 

There is only a primary school in village Aali which is being run by South Delhi Municipal Corporation. The students have to go either to Badarpur or Madanpur Khadar for getting secondary education. The District Administration took up the matter with the Directorate of Education either to upgrade the existing school or open a new Senior Secondary School in the village. Hon’ble Member of Parliament also took up the matter with DDA.

The DDA has issued a Public Notice for change of land use so that the land could be allotted for opening a new Senior Secondary School both for boys and girls.

  • Non formal education: 25 students who have dropped out from school with various reasons were re-enrolled after imparting them non formal education.
  • Adult Education: 18 women have been enrolled in this scheme in April 2016.
  • Hygiene and Sanitation:The SDMC was requested for regular cleaning of the streets. The local body was also directed to identify a place/land for Dhalao where garbage and waste material can be dumped. SDMC was also requested to put big Dustbins at appropriate places. The residents were also encouraged to segregate their house hold waste and put the garbage in dustbins. SDMC also desilted and cleaned the drains in the village. The villagers were discouraged from the use of polythene bags.
  • Delhi Jal Board is supplying water to village from borewells. There was deficit of water in relatively higher areas of the village. These areas are inhabited by weaker sections of society. It was decided to install two more borewells especially for these areas. The DJB has prepared the proposal and the same will be placed before District Advisory Committee for approval in June, 2016.

There are Three Chaupals in the village. The Ambedkar Chaupal is in Good condition. The remaining two

Chaupals, the villagers wanted that they should be reconstructed for fulfilling the needs for arranging marriage functions etc. The Irrigation and Flood Control Department maintains these Chaupals. The department informed that these Chaupals were constructed 10-15 years back and cannot be demolished. However, the Department prepared an estimate to remove walls etc to give shape of a hall to these Chaupals. One estimate has been sent to Rural Development Department and other estimate will also be sent to Rural Development for sanction. This will meet the long pending demand of the villagers.

Upgradation of Transformer

The place for shifting of transformer has been identified by BSES and the site has also been inspected by

SDMC and BSES. The proposal for approval for the same will be placed in the next meeting of ETC likely to held in the second week of June 2016.

The District Administration also celebrated the Mahaparinirvan Diwas of Baba Saheb Dr. Bhim Rao

Ambedkar on 06/12/2015 in village Aali where people from every caste gathered and made the function a great success. An exhibition on the life of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar was also organized in the Ambedkar Chaupal in which people from all the communities gathered and collected information about Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar.

A Safai Abhiyan was also launched in the village w.e.f. 29/02/2016 to 04/03/2016 with the help of SDMC

wherein emphasis was laid on desilting and cleaning of drains, hygiene and sanitation and regular street sweeping. Residents were also sensitized about the side effects of use of Polythene bags. Residents/villagers were also encouraged to plant more trees.

Skill Development (Vocational Courses)

  • Beautician: 50 women were enrolled in this course in October 2015 and all of them have passed this course in March 2016. 54 new women have been enrolled in April 2016 in this course.
  • Cutting & Tailoring: 50 women were enrolled in this course in October 2015 and all of them have passed this course in March 2016. 56 women have been enrolled in this course in April 2016.

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