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Good practices followed in Khawlailung & Chhiahtlang adarsh villages, Mizoram under CSR support

Good practices followed in Khawlailung & Chhiahtlang adarsh villages, Mizoram under CSR support of GIC Re, Mumbai. Uploaded by DRDA, Serchhip

Good Practices – Khawlailung & Chhiahtlang

Serchhip, Mizoram

Honorable MP Pu C.L. Ruala (LS) selected Khawlailung and Chhiahtlang was selected by honorable MP Pu Ronald Sapa Tlau (RS), with the objective of developing them as harbingers of change for other villages of Mizoram to emulate & follow.

Profile- Khawlailung

* Population- 2472

* Households- 505

* ST Households- 501 (99.2%)

* BPL Households- 156 (30.8%)

* Households engaged in agriculture & allied activities- 327 (64.7%)

* Sex Ratio- 1043 females/ 1000 males

* Literacy Rate- 96.6%

Profile- Chhiahtlang

* Population- 4163

* Households- 784

* ST Households- 780 (99.4%)

* BPL Households- 269 (34.3%)

* Households engaged in agriculture & allied activities- 465 (59.3%)

* Sex Ratio- 1013 females/ 1000 males

* Literacy Rate- 94.4%

Residents of Khawlailung & Chhiahtlang adarsh village(s) and functionaries associated with the program would like to extend their gratitude to GIC Re, Mumbai for considering the village(s) worthy of their CSR support.

A developed society is characterized by sustainability, empowerment, equity & productiveness. This has been the guiding principle for all the programs initiated in Khawlailung & Chhiahtlang with every activity aiming to gradually taking the spirit of development forward.

DC, Serchhip addressing officials & village residents during inauguration of CSR activities

Solid Waste Management

Mizoram is amongst the cleanest States in India, and Aizawl city was ranked 41 amongst Indian cities in the recently released Swatchh Bharat Ranking. To take the movement forward & instill the same feeling amongst the residents of Khawlailung & Chhiahtlang, trucks were bought out of CSR funds for safe & environmentally sustainable disposal of solid waste generated in the village(s). The village council(s) through their leased use (on commercial basis) can utilize the same trucks in spare hours for revenue generation.

Bolero Pick-up procured for Khawlailung adarsh gram

Tata 407 bought for Chhiahtlang adarsh gram

Smart Classrooms

A UNESCO report titled ‘our creative diversity’, talks about the haves & have nots created by limited digital penetration, it further advocates that the future belongs to those who are digitally literate. Keeping this in mind, a laptops & projector along with educational aid was provided to government high school located in the village so that children are exposed to digital learning at early stages of their lives.

Teachers at Chhiahtlang adarsh village with GIC Re Team

Students with Charge Officer(s), Khawlailung & Chhiahtlang after receiving the e- learning resources

Sustainable Livelihood

Agriculture & allied activities characterize the livelihood landscape of Khawlailung. A pilot was initiated with 10 families using United Nations’ ‘Sustainable Livelihood Approach’ framework as the guiding principle. The aim of the initiative is to increase capabilities & assets while reducing the shocks emanating from natural disasters & climate change. For the same, seed capital was provided to the selected households and training imparted for them. Regular handholding support has been extended by DRDA so that the people can maximize the returns and escape the vicious cycle of poverty once & for all.

Beneficiaries of Sustainable Livelihood Program with DC, Serchhip & PD, DRDA, Serchhip

One of the beneficiaries standing in front of his under construction shop built through livelihood support program

Sewing a bright future through livelihood support at Khawlailung

DC, Serchhip with PD, DRDA and Charge Officer, Chhiahtlang during livelihood support distribution function

Beneficiaries of livelihood support with DC, Serchhip, PD, DRDA and Charge Officer, Chhiahtlang

Connecting to the world through support received under livelihood program

Women Empowerment

Mizoram is amongst the pioneers in the field of gender equity, Mizo people realized very early that it’s impossible to fly & achieve great heights on a single wing. But still, a minuscule minority of a few outliers does exist; to address the same workshops were conducted on:

Rights & legal entitlements of women

Domestic violence


Health & education

These workshops were aimed at spreading awareness about the entitlements of women. Further, effort are being made to extend counseling & legal support to individuals through periodic visits to the village 

Resource person enlightening women about health issues at Khawlailung

Attendees of Women Empowerment lecture at Khawlailung

PD, DRDA with officials from GIC Re inspecting a pig-shed constructed under livelihood support program

Glimpse of culture: GIC Re officials presented with a traditional Mizo dance performance

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funding from which derartment? plz inform..




Totally out of CSR funds. CSR sponsoring agency- GIC Re. Line dept.- DRDA, Serchhip

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