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The Veernapalii Grama Panchayat has very remote and forest corner village . The Grama Panchayat have 1150 House Holds and nearly 250 Joint Familiy holders  Out of which 30% Householders having IHHLs before SAGY programme .But now 661 House Holders constructed IHHSLs  afer SAGY programme in this 240 IHHSLs constructed through TRIGP WASH Programme and 421 IHHSLs complited under  SWATCHH BHARAT Programme by Village Water & Sanitation Committee 

In this Programme all stake holders actively participated , Concerned Departments Conducted motivation camps and ,Area wise SWATCHH DHUTTs appointed with in a short period 50 days the whole village IHHSLs Units completed .

The Hon”rable MP Sri. B. Vinid Kumar Garu taken initiative to converge all the stake holders , Line deparments and village water &Sanitation committee members. Now the Village make as100% Open Defecation Free ( ODF ) village .

The IEC campaign aimed at awareness creation about the importance of clean Air, Water unpolluted soil for all living beings .In this context all the villagers mainly women (SHG members)decided to make open deification free village.

The village with improved civic facilities has improved overall sanitation and hygiene. It is too early to understand the impacts on their health, nutrition and livelihoods as the intervention has begun less than a year ago. However a good platform has been created for making a model village with community ownership, convergence of government department’s schemes and leadership of district administration demonstrated over this period of time.

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