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Highlights of 1 Year Development at Aadarsh Gram Chikhli (Surat, Gujarat)

Aadarsh Gram Chikhli is a Village in Navsari district in the state of Gujarat, India. Chikhli comes under the purview of Surat Metropolitan Region.
Chikhli is the smallest city in the region of South Gujarat. About 25 km north from the city of Valsad city and about 10 km east from the city and rail junction of Bilimora, Chikhli is on the Indian National Highway 8, from where state highways reaching Ahwa via Waghai and Vansda, and to the hill station of Saputara bifurcate.
Nearest railway station is Chikhli Road railway station on the Bilimora - Vaghai narrow gauge line. Approx. 6 km from Chikhli. It has small river i.e. Kaveri & it is going to be a good market place for nearer villages.
As of 2001 India census, Chikhli had a population of 6953. Males constitute 51% of the population and females 49%. Chikhli has an average literacy rate of 81%, higher than the national average of 59.5%; with male literacy of 85% and female literacy of 76%. 10% of the population is under 6 years of age.
  • Construction of toilets through a Public-Private Partnership with an arrangement such that each house in the village of Chikhli has suitable sanitation facilities. 
  • Provisions for appropriate garbage collection via Tractor and Hydraulic Tempos everyday and allocation of one dustbin for each house is Chikhli
  • Facilities of Pure Drinking Water shall be arranged for each family in the village
  • Construction of toilets through a Public-Private partnership with an arrangement such that each house in the village of Chikhli has suitable sanitation facilities.
  • Provision for appropriate garbage collection via tractor and hydraulic tempos everyday and allocation of one dustbin for each house in Chikhli. 
  • Facilities of pure drinking water arranged for each family in the village. 
  • Sturdy asphalt roads constructed and the ones that already exist, are renovated. 
  • Basic amenities like street lights and solar lights are provided in the village. 
  • English Medium Schools shall be set up and education facility up-to college shall be made easily accessible. 
  • Arrangement for primary health centre and community health centre. 
  • Provisions for state transport and private vehicles for better transportation facilities. 
  • Establishment of 9 national and 4 co-operative banks as part of improved banking facilities. 
  • More than 11 shopping centers, APMC fruit and vegetable markets to be set up and the use of plastic bags below 40 microns to be prohibited. 
  • Computer classes to be provided totally free of cost and setting up of coaching classes to be done. 
  • Training centers for skill development and more than 5 parlors for the ladies to be instituted. 
  • Playgrounds for volleyball and basketball to be marked for the village youth. 
  • Paverblock roads constructed at the anganwadi ("NandGram"). 
  • Drainage System through lanes for storm-water. 
  • For the beautification of the village, main road (up-to 3 kms) duly carpeted, side paved, with dividers, adorned with flowerbeds and plantations of small trees in between arranged. 
  • Provisions for fabricating house for BPL to made available. 
  • Equipment to Eye Hospitals to be provided and an arrangement to be made for an eye check up via camps which include necessary cataract operation free of cost on the basis of Public-Private Partnership. 
  • An ultra modern pickup (bus stop) stand for the villagers. 
  • Kaveri Riverfront has been developed magnificently to promote as a tourist spot for more than nearly 20 villages
  • Kaveri Riverfront development and provision of 2 Boats (4 Seater) along with 8 Life Jackets for the villagers also provided
  • Basic amenities like "Street Lights" and Solar Lights shall be provided.
  • Beautiful traffic circle with flower bed on Public-Private Partnership. 
  • Old wells have been recharged and reconstructed for providing clean drinking water to the villagers. 
  • 11 malnourished children were taken care of and currently there exists none. 
  • The list of NRI and Retired Govt. Officers are available for co-ordination. 
  • An organized system for marketing of mangoes, bananas, vegetables, etc is available. 
  • Helipad and Library have also been arranged for as a betterment initiative for the villagers. 
  • A Non-AC hall for cultural programs bearing a capacity of 1500 people is also available. 
  • A meeting has been conducted with farmers on drip irrigation in presence and with the assistance of experts. As a result of which, each sq. mts of agricultural land is covered by irrigation. 
  • Centers for organic and inorganic fertilizers and pesticides have been set up as well as the construction of new Prant Office for the betterment of Chikhli village has commenced.

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