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Celebrate Independence Day

Celebration of 15th August: On the Independence Day a series of events were organized in the High School. The chief guest of the programme was R. Pramod Kr. Singh, DDC, Palamu besides him the BDO, and the Mukhiya, Upmukhiya, Panchayat Samiti members along with approximately 2000 children and community member took part. 

On 15th Aug’15, the day started with the Prabhat Ferry (Rally by school children) by the boys and girls of the Kishunpur High school in which the slogan written on 14th Aug’15 was displayed in the play cards. The children walked all through the main street of the Kishunpur panchayat shouting slogan for an Adarsh village.

Flag hosting was done on the occasion after which number of cultural programs was performed by children including songs, dances and sports. Following which the chief guest distributed prize to the best performers. 

Cultural & Sports Activities:  Besides the two days (14th & 15th Aug’2015) Cultural & Sports activities organized in the Kishunpur High School with the children and adolescents regular sports and Cultural activities were conducted in the various schools. The sports and cultural programs organized in schools  were :  

i. Slogan Compatation

ii. 100 mts & 400 mts race was organized for both boys and girls

iii. Kabbadi match organized for girls

iv. Football match organized for boys and girls

v. Rangoli competition was organized for the girls

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