Corporators too can choose one area for model development each year

Nagpur: Following Central government's Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (model village scheme) and state government's Aamdar Adarsh Gram Yojana, NMC too has launched an Adarsh Vasati Yojana (model area scheme).

NMC standing committee chairman Ramesh Shingare has invited all 149 corporators to come forward and avail the scheme. "Each corporator will have to select one area in his/her ward. They have to prepare list of works to be undertaken for turning the selected area into ideal one. Proposal has to be submitted with the assistant commissioner of respective zone who will table it before the standing committee for approval," he said.

Shingare added standing committee will provide matching grant to the funds allocated by the corporator. "Each corporator gets Rs 17.50 lakh as ward fund and Rs 15 lakh for fixed priority works, Rs 10 lakh as zonal funds for roads development and another Rs 12.50 lakh from zonal budget making a total of Rs 55 lakh in one financial year. Corporator will have to provide funds from out of this for works in chosen area and standing committee will provide an equal amount," he said.

The full story can be read here!

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