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Success story Adarsh gram mairanwatand purvi tundi dhanbad

Honable M.P Sri Ravindra Pandey visited saansad adarsh gram mairanwatand, dhanbad and hold meeting with district and block official and held meeting with thew villagers and discussed about benefit of adarsh gram. 

  1. In this panchayat people were made aware about cleaning and rally was held in connection with swach bharat. 
  2. Toilet is the necessity of the day and people were made aware about benefit of toilet to keep them and there family hygine. 
  3. People were also made aware about toilet scheme announced by Government and told to take benefit of the scheme. 
  4. Animal husbandry officer held a camp to keep pet animal healthy and told about benefit of tikakran camp was also organised in sansad adarsh gram mairanwatand .
  5. Animal husbandry officer also advised to visit regularly to animal clinic to keep there animal healthy. Camp organised for making tiolet was verry faithfully and people were keep to adopt toilet in there home.

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