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Best performing Adarsh gram Tundi

 The Tundi Panchayat of Tundi Block,District-Dhanbad, Jharkhand has been Selected as Sansad Adarsh Gram by Hon'ble MP Rajya Sabha Sri Sanjiv Kumar.

Since the selection of this panchayat under SAGY numerous programmes has been launch to benefit the common man. Under Niramal Bharat Abhiyan started by the central Govt. Here in Tundi Panchayat weekly awareness programme is being conducted apart from, a massive awareness campaign has also been initiated to bring back the drop out students into the main stream of education.

The only health centre has been made active through the co-ordinated participation of district health department and the elected representatives of this area. The common people are regularly taking advantage of the facilities provided by the health centre.

As this panchayat is a far flung area approx 30 km away from District-Dhanbad the electrifiaction works, Drinking water suply and road transport system has been strengthen to a larger extent and many more development programmes are being mooted in the near future.

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