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Hon. Supriyatai Sule adopted Dapodi under SAGY

The v
illage Dapodi is adopted by Hon.Supriyatai Sule MP Baramati constituency, which is away 50 kms from Pune. Most of the population of village consist of nomedic tribe people.  



The internal roads as well as incoming roads condition was very poor. After the adoption various works of roads have been undertaken and completed. Maharashtra state transport has started the bus service to the village

Hon. Supriyatai Sule MP moreover visited the village.All the officials of state & central governments have been informed under take & complete the work according to VDP.


Some of the activities among the VDP have been completed. Water supply department has set RO plant to provide pure drinking water for villagers. Internal roads have been upgraded at the best.

School well decorated , new computer training centre, public library, beauty parlour have been started for the villagers.

170 LED lamps have been provided over the internal roads. Under the compaigning of tree plantation 1300 trees have been planted on various public places. School bags have been distributed to the students of anganwadi & primary school.

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