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Intensive Participatory Programme to Eradicate Open Defecation in Adarsh Gram Jarkhor, Chandauli

Open Defecation is one of the most daunting challenges being faced by Gram Panchayat Jarkhor, Chandauli (U.P.). Baseline survey revealed that more than 80% of the households defecate in open.

After the village was adopted by Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey (Chandauli -76), district administration has initiated intensive participatory programme to eradicate open defecation. The programme is a multistage process.

In the first stage, awareness was created among villagers about sanitation and harmful effects of open defecation. It was done through Street plays and focused group discussions. 

Taking cue from failure of previous schemes and programmes to eradicate open defecation through construction of IHHLs, Chief Development Officer of Chandauli devised a novel way to approach the problem.

In the second stage of the programme, funds for 100 toilets were devolved to the Gram Panchayats. Beneficiaries were asked to construct the toilets and were promised Rs. 12,000 after successful completion of the construction. The beneficiaries have been given flexibility to increase expenditure and customize the toilets as per their needs.

Unlike previous schemes where Panchayat was responsible for the construction of the toilets with limited budget, Jarkhor panchayat was only responsible for monitoring, evaluation and transferring benefits to villagers.

This approach has not only ushered transparency in construction of toilets, it has also resulted in participatory development process as beneficiaries are directly responsible for construction of toilets.

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