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Villager’s leadership towards “Swapurn Swachchhata” -SAGY Gujarat


Villager’s leadership towards “Swapurn Swachchhata


This village has been adopted by Hon’ble Member of Parliament shri Dilipsingh Rathod. Before adoption one thing that caught his attention was unnecessary possession by the villagers over to public place and road that caused narrow road. In-addition villagers tend to spoil public place and road by throwing out garbage, spiting, etc. That spread epidemic in the village, school children could not attend a school due to illness. After the adoption he immediately called a village level meeting to mitigate the issue, speech on people participation and Swachchhata (Cleanliness) and people took pledge to keep village clean and green.


The villagers got together and decided to make village clean and shine. So, the villagers initiated the major task by removing the unnecessary possession over to public place and road, cleaned every street /Mohalla/nukkad. Almost 2800 ton a hill of garbage has been removed which is quite commendable


The consequence of meeting was quite impressive .1.The unnecessary possession by the villagers over to public place and road has been removed.2.Now the villagers have access to wide road.3.Village remain always clean, shine and green.4.School children go to school every day.5.The committee has been formed to look after the cleanliness issue.6.The garbage bins, trolleies have been put to the public place and road. Moreover the door to door garbage collection truck is being run.

In this way this is the excellence instance of the people participation which fills villagers to feel proud and encourage them to continue their effort to make village model.

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