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Construction of HAWADO at Jashvantgadh GP-Gujarat

The main occupation of the village is the cattle breeding .The village has already a HAWADO (It is basically a drinking water tub for animal) which is situated on the main road side which resulted in often cattle gathering and cow dung on regular basis. But the situation becomes worsen in the monsoon because cow dung gives invitation to many seasonal diseases. In- addition this ultimately makes villagers and village to suffer lot both physically and economically. To focus this problem the villagers organized a promising meeting with the head of the village (Sarpanch). The conclusion of the meeting is to build a HAWADO at the outside of the village, but the problem is still there. This time its financial problem and village itself find very difficult to get any grant. But the villagers didn’t lose courage and through the people participation and contribution, the village is able to collect 2 lacs rupees to build HAWADO. Indeed this village has put commendable example of active people participation and contribution towards village development.

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