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Striving for a Healthy Village: Health Camps in Bangurda Adarsh Panchayat

The objective of this drive is to assess the basic health status of the residents of Bangurda Panchayat through a continuous series of health camps to be conducted throughout the year. Till date a total of 678 out of 7194 residents have undergone check up. It serves the purposes of identifying and mapping the seasonal diseases, and treatment of common diseases like cold and cough, head ache which are recurrent yet curable through basic medical interventions.


It also caters to identifying diseases related to menstruation, urinary tract infection, skin diseases which happen due to unhygienic lifestyle or surroundings. Interventions like awareness building regarding menstruation and hygiene among young girls and women has been started and will try to cover maximum of the female population. Infections in ear, skin and stomach were observed to be water borne, hence, chief sources of drinking water will be tested especially for traces of arsenic and harmful mineral content.


Through the same camps children aged 0-6 years are being tested for malnutrition (especially SAM), the critical cases have been referred to the Malnutrition Treatment Centre. A close monitoring of growth chart for these children is also being kept.


The medicines for common diseases which have been made available through these camps are as follows: Antibiotics, Sipro Proxocine, Ome Prajol, Clukonjol, Skerinjin, Folic Acid, Clukonajol, Cetrizene, Skevia Lotion, Omez, Oflox, Paracetamol, Cipro 250, Setrazin, Cipro P.C.M. 


1) During Prashasan Aapke Dwaar (For Common Residents of the Panchayat) 

    Venue : Bangurda Football Ground

    No . of patients : 118

    Diseases Identified : Fever, Cough, RTI, Gastritis, Low back ache, Abdomen pain,        
    Worm infection, Skin diseases, Boil abscess, Fungal Infection etc.

2) Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidhyalaya  (For Adolescent Girls)

    No . of patients : 188

    Diseases Identified : Skivvies and other Skin Disease, Eczima Boils, Headache, Cough     and Cold, Urinary Tract Infection, Menstruation issues

3) Aanganwadi Centres (For Children aged – 0 to 6 years)

    Venue : 6 Anganwaadi Centres

    No . of patients : 372

   Diseases Identified : Dental Care, Malnutrition (SAM) , Skin Disease, Otitis Media (Ear infection)

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