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Attitudinal change in the people of Kishunpur Gram Panchayat, District Palamu

After the inauguration of Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana in October 2014 by the honorable Prime Minister of India, honorable MP from Palamu Lok Sabha Constituency Shri Vishnu Dayal Ram selected Gram Panchayat Kishunpur in Patan block of Palamu district in Jharkhand to be developed under SAGY.

Shortly, environment generation activities were started under the able leadership of honorable MP. Due to these efforts, positive changes in attitude of the villagers have been observed. Because of following people centric approach in true spirit, the peoples’ participation in subsequent Sabhas, Gram Sabha as well as in government programs, camps etc has increased. People have taken initiatives in the form of celebrating village day and organizing cultural events. Sports events have been organized by the villagers themselves. They also organized collective pledge for complete sanitation as well as for respect and equal status for girls. These demonstrate the ability of people to take initiatives and their organization skills. SAGY has played a catalytic role in manifestation of such inner power of the people.

Due to extensive awareness campaign regarding SAGY, people have taken initiative in learning the details of various government schemes. Several youths have taken initiative to learn detailed rules of the governmental schemes and then educate their elders about them. In this way people have truly realized their rights and entitlements and have become able to assertively demand their rights. A change in peoples’ mentality towards government schemes is very much visible. While earlier they thought themselves as beneficiaries of governmental schemes, now they realize their role as equal stakeholders. This change in peoples’ perception has empowered them and has raised their confidence level as well.

After the preparation of Village Development Plan, schemes pertaining drinking water were taken on priority. This sharply improved the availability and access to drinking water to the villagers. Careful site-selection and installation of water source especially hand pumps ensured that each family gets drinking water in proximity to their house. This has reduced time and effort of villagers in fetching drinking water for their family. This has benefited women especially the young girls who are usually sent by the people to fetch water from wells and hand pumps. This further had positive impact on improving attendance of girl students in schools.

People have come forward to cooperate with the different departments in planning as well as implementation of the various schemes. For example plantation activity started by Department of Forests has gathered substantial voluntary participation by villagers. This shows that the people have started taking ownership of the developmental works.

In this way, the SAGY in Kishunpur has brought positive behavioral change in people of the village in the form of their initiative, voluntarism, participation and ownership of Governmental Schemes.

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