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Livelihood Enhancement of women in the panchayat, Chopnadih panchayat, Koderma, Jharkhand

Activity: Agarbathi training to 30 women of the Chopnadih panchayat


 The district of Koderma has immense potential for traditional agarbathi industry. The nearby places like Gaya, Parasnath, Deoghar which have religious significance provides market to the agarbathi product. Also Gaya is a huge market from where the raw material can be sourced with ease. Assessing all these factors the district administration under the able guidance of the deputy commissioner decided to give agarbathi making training to the poor and socially backward women in the panchayat. The successful trainees will also be given the agarbathi making machines to help them continue the work and earn sustainable income for their families.

 The funds for the project were allocated under the District Innovation Fund. Holy family seva sadan was chosen to impart training for the women. The training part has been successful. The trainees have gained sufficient knowledge in agarbathi making.


        Improvement in the livelihood of 30 families. A kind of self confidence has been instilled in these 30 families particularly the women of the family.

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