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Installation of street lights in SAGY village, East Godavari, AP

One of the best Practices in SAGY village Maredumilli under Araku MP Kothapalli Geeta

Maredumilli in tribal areas of East Godavari district has been selected as SAGY village by MP Kothapalli Geeta garu. After the initial stages of environment creation for adarsh gram MP has directed the PMRDF to conduct field visit and note down three most priority items for the villagers. Astonishingly, all the villagers told that they were requesting street lights from govt officials since long and they would first need it. Maredumilli has 4 hamlets surrounding it and they too require the same. Maredumilli is a tourist place and attracts visitors especially on weekends. So, MP has designed a plan to show them the interior of these hamlets and then then volunteer them to fund the lighting if they are convinced that people shouldn’t live in darkness. She also sponsored some money from her pocket and within 4 weeks we could crowd source all the street lights. From nearly 20 street lights 6 months back, today we have 200 functional street lights in maredumilli. Attached are pics and report in local news paper.



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