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Sustainable Development : Mini Water Supply Through Solar Power in Hahap Village of Ranchi District

Hahap Panchayat is situated in the remote region of Namkum block around 8 km inside the highway. It terrain is Hilly and population is scattered over an area 20.1 Km square. Most of the area is covered with forest or near the forest. Population of the Panchayat is so much scattered that maximum 30-40 household are there in one habitation hence major water supply schemes are not possible in the Panchayat.

After much of the thought given by Hon’ble MP Shri Ram Tahal Choudhary, Panchayat Mukhiya and Drinking Water and Sanitation Department, one scheme of mini water supply is installed in the village Hahap. The main feature of this water supply is that it is powered by the solar power panel of 900 Watt, it is primary based on the deep boring from which water is pumped by 2hp motore which is powered by solar electricity to overhead tank of capacity 2000Ltr. This scheme is boon for the 40 household as the area was once considered dry and it was very difficult to have safe drinking water for the households. It is one of the sustainable initiatives taken by hon’ble MP in the Panchayat.

Picture 1 : Mini Water Supply Scheme in Hahap Village

Picture 2 : House Hold Connection of Mini Water Supply Scheme in Hahap Village

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