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Open Defecation Free Village, Saparom in Hahap Panchayat of Ranchi District

Hahap Panchayat is situated in the remote region of Namkum block around 8 km inside the highway. It terrain is Hilly and population is scattered over an area 20.1 Km square. Most of the area is covered with forest or near the forest. Most of the population also belong to Schedule caste. Before the Panchayat was adopted by the Hon’ble MP Shri Ram Tahal Choudhary the Panchayat had very little awareness about cleanliness and sanitation. But in the entry level activities the importance of sanitation is conveyed to people by the sanitation rallies and other activities.

One of the first activities which are taken under SAGY in the leadership of Hon’ble MP in the Panchayat was to construct toilet in each household with availability of the water, as well as to aware people of the Panchayat to use the toilet. In all the activities people were conveyed that what is the importance of the toilets and how it connects with their and their children’s health. The message was well received by the people of Panchayat and in an extra ordinary pace the toilets were constructed in all the 118 households of the Saparom village of Hahap Panchayat with water availability. People are using the toilets especially women of the village are very happy as they don’t have to defecate in open. Now if we visit village the structure shown in the picture is one common feature we can see in each and every household of the village.

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 Picture 1 : BDO Namkum inspecting newly constructed toilet in Saparom Village

Picture 2 : Toilet with water storage unit in Saparom Village


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