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Increased People’s Participation in Development Activities in LWE Affected Area of Parasi Panchayat in Ranchi District

Parasi Panchayat is situated in interiors of the block Tamar in Ranchi District of Jharkhand State. It is one of the most affected areas of the Left Wing Extremism in Ranchi District. There is frequent movement of Left Wing Extremists in the area adjacent to the Khunti district where Parasi Panchayat is located. As the Panchayat is in a very remote region the development indicators were very low in the Panchayat. Due to lack of the developmental activities and continuous neglect the residents of the Panchayat felt very destituted. The frustration of the people were very high among all the villages across the Panchayat hence people begun to stay away from the local governance and would show very less interest in the government programs. Event the situation was that bad that to protest one of the villages in the Panchayat Jopano decide to boycott the elections, after much deliberation only few of the vote can be polled in that village.

Hon’ble MP Sri Kariya munda in District level working group meeting

Nukkad Natak in Parasi Panchayat for different schemes of government 

People present in District level working group meeting

Things got changed much after the Panchayat was taken under Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana by Hon’ble MP Shri Kariya Munda. In the leadership of Shri Kariya Munda entry level activities started in the Panchayat and slowly people began to participate in the activities related to the SAGY. Firstly ten-fifteen people used to come in gram sabhas conducted in the villages but after the activities started people participation also grew. The participation of people grew in that extent that District level working group meeting was called in the Panchayat office where each district department introduced schemes handled by them in that meeting hundreds of people attended the meeting varying from school children to the elderly in the Panchayat. This shows the confidence in the political institutions as well as district administration was restored in the community and people started to participate in the development process. That is one of the most important effects on the community of the Panchayat.

# Report Shared by Mr. Gaurav Upadhyay, PMRDF, Ranchi


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